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Animal Cruelty in the News

The Issue

Animal cruelty and negligence is all too prevalent in our society. Recent media headlines have highlighted incidents of cruelty or neglect that have shock hardened police investigators, RSPCA Inspectorate and the public.

Research has shown that people who are violent towards humans often start out by being violent to animals. Many serious violent offenders have a history of abusing animals.

RSPCA Qld is actively calling upon the community to help break the cycle of cruelty.

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How You Can Help

Take the J4A Pledge, Spread the Word, Wear the Merch, and Donate. We need you! Whether you do one or all – we need your help to seek Justice for Animals.

Please donate online now or by calling (07) 3426 9999 or (07) 3426 9972, because legals cost but justice is priceless.

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Latest News

Find the latest updates and news about the Justice for Animals campaign via the RSPCA Qld Justice for Animals news & updates blog.

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